Promotional Articles

Do you want to produce a ‘how to..’ article or a user guide or online help guide for your products or services?



Years ago, user guides were hard copy manuals, which were big and bulky and often hard to find exactly what you needed to know.

We still see extensive leaflets with some products we buy, giving complicated and hard to understand instructions in unnecessarily long text on how to use your new product and all of its functions. In my house, these usually end up in a filing box…just in case! But in reality I rarely look at them.

Thankfully, factory supplied guides are often more succinct and in several languages…often in a step by step way, which can make life easier.

Get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about your promotional article…whether you want printed or printable…Web page format or email format..I can help – let me worry about the research and format, whilst you get on with what you do best.