Product Description

You have a new product and want to sell it.

Question: What do you do?

Answer: Write a product description that simply
describes your product.


This is a common mistake that a lot of people make, including copywriters. The purpose of a product description is to sell your product or service. It should explain what your product is and why it’s a good idea to buy it. What is its worth to your customers? Why should they want it? Give details about the features and benefits of your product so that your reader feels absolutely compelled to buy it.

They want to know…

  • How your product can make their lives easier
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Does it solve a problem?

symbol-451843_640Research has shown that most people scan articles – they don’t actually read them all, so the product description needs to be easy to read and to the point. Bullet points are effective in drawing the eye and keeping attention. Of course, the most effective way to be sure you will capture your audience is to read it aloud and see if it captures your attention.

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