Why would you want to create a newsletter?

It’s just an irritating email that goes into your customers’ inbox, right?

Well, apparently not! According to the Pew Research Center in America, almost 9 in 10 adults go online to check email. This is more often than they shop online or visit social media sites.


A newsletter can be hugely beneficial to your business. You can…

  • regularly keep in touch with your customers and they feel like they are receiving a special service
  • use it to launch new products or services; include special offers or discounts
  • use it to let your customers know where you’ll be attending upcoming events or to promote a webinar or podcast
  • boost your social media following
  • increase traffic to your website

Done effectively, a newsletter can enhance your businesses credibility and build your brand or identity.

According to Dean Levitt, Chief of Culture at Mad Mimi Email Marketing

“In researching email newsletter statistics and click-through rates, I found that in over 90% of emails, the first link gets the most clicks. Every subsequent link sees a sharp drop off from the click-through rate of the link before. This strongly implies that topics after your leading subject in an email are viewed as superfluous. Instead of creating a lengthy, time-consuming newsletter, send less content more regularly.”

So it seems that a weekly or twice monthly newsletter with shorter content, will engage your customers more than a lengthy, monthly newsletter.

If you would like a one to one session on how to start your newsletter, please

get in touch. 

Alternatively if you want someone to do it for you, I can do that too!