Customer Service

customer-1253483_640Never underestimate the power of good customer service.  If you put your customers first and delight them with your products and services, they will keep coming back. And of course, they will recommend you to others.

According to the  Institute of Customer Service’s July 2015 UK Customer Satisfaction Survey, levels of good customer service are falling across the UK, which is a major concern as the economy starts to grow once more. Although the business world is constantly changing, the need for customer service never goes away.

It’s important to any business to ensure that customer service is uppermost in your thinking. If a customer is engaged with you and your products or services, if their experience of dealing with you is a good one, then you are on your way to delivering excellent customer service.

feedback-1978036_640Giving good customer service  is linked to your business and marketing planning – do you know what your customers want?  Do they always get a good experience when dealing with you?

You can spend years building up a good brand and making your business successful –  it takes one bad experience for a customer to turn their back on your business….and it is so easy for that to be followed by your reputation being damaged. If you do make a mistake, put your hand up to it, apologise and make amends…QUICKLY! Never leave it until tomorrow to sort out – do it today!

Here are some tips to keep customer service at the forefront of your business…

  • Always focus on service first
  • Use your satisfied customers as a marketing tool – add their positive comments to your website
  • Remember – you are selling the ‘WOW’ factor
  • Look for ways to continually improve the service you give
  • Respect your customers and their opinions and give them your time
  • Thinks of ways to differentiate your Brand from that of your direct competitors
  • Know your customers
  • Give special discounts and offers from time to time to keep customers coming back
  • If you get a complaint, or if a customer hits a problem with one of your products or services,  deal with it IMMEDIATELY
  • Measure everything you do and ensure the measurement part of your business plan includes looking at the customer service you give
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations – treat them as you would wish to be treated
  • Let it shine from everything you do and say, that you LOVE your business, you love what you do – smiling and being happy is catching!