Terms & Conditions Freelance Writer


Depending on what the freelance job entails, I will either charge by the hour, or if you are wanting me to work on a project, I may give you a price for the complete project. This will be made clear via email once I have discussed the job with you in detail.


The first hour of consultation is free, after which I charge my hourly rate. I will always round up to the nearest hour.

If your job is charged by the hourly rate, and it is a small job not lasting more than three hours at a time, I will invoice you after the work is done. Payment is to be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice via PayPal, cheque or cash.

If I am working on a bigger project, I prefer to be paid in three installments – 40% upfront, 40% when I send the first draft and the final 20% when I send over the finished copy.

If I work with you on a regular basis, managing regular blogs, website content/articles or Social Media posts, your job will be charged on an hourly rate. I will invoice you on a monthly basis and payment is to be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice via PayPal, cheque or cash.

Late payment

Payment is to be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. If you do not agree late payment on receipt of the invoice, due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be a charge for late payment.

If payment is made after 14 days and before 30 days, a standard charge of £30 or 35€ will be added. If payment is made after 30 days, a standard charge of £60 or 70€ will be charged or 25% of the total job, whichever is the higher.

Interim charge caps

I have a charge cap of £300 or 350€. This means that when your total bill exceeds that amount, you will need to make an interim payment to bring it under that amount or face work suspension. The decision to waive this clause is mine.

Single Point of Contact

Whether working on a small job or a larger project, I prefer to have a ‘single point of contact’. This means that I work with one person regarding feedback on work completed and any changes. All feedback and revision are to go through that one person.

Kill Fee

Sometimes, for reasons beyond anyone’s control, a project will get cancelled after work has been started. This ‘Kill Fee’ clause means that you agree to pay me for the work that has already been done, since time and effort has been spent on it.

My ‘Kill Fee’ is 40% of the total project if up to 50% of the project has been completed. If more than 50% of the project has been completed and less than 75%, I will expect 70% of the total project amount. Anything over 75% complete when the project is cancelled and I will expect 100% payment.

Revisions and rewrites

Sometimes project can go back and forth several times as a client can’t seem to get something right for various reasons. I will work with you upfront to find out exactly what you want and need for your freelance job/project. This will be agreed in writing before we start, via email.

I offer two free revisions of work completed and changes…any further revisions will be charged at my hourly rate.

Scope of the project

We will agree in writing via email the scope of the project and what is expected of me. If, during the course of the project, further things need to added in and more work is needed than first agreed, I reserve the right to adjust the rates of the project, should the scope change or amount of work increase significantly. By significantly, I mean beyond a further two hour’s work.


I own the copyright of anything I write for anyone until the final payment is made. You cannot use the work I do for you without my permission until the final payment is made. Once I receive full payment, the copyright belongs to you and you can do what you like with the work, however I retain the rights to utilise the work in a portfolio for future promotion..unless the information is sensitive or private.


A deadline is necessary for all work I undertake. Most of the time, after our discussion about the job or project, I can give a deadline for when the work will be completed. If the work is time sensitive, then I will endeavour to work to your deadline. Either way, this will be given to you in writing, via email, before work starts.

There will be a deadline for work to be completed, then further deadlines for any feedback, amendments, or approval.

When you can contact me

I live and work in France online. My working hours are Monday to Thursday 10am – 4pm. I am contactable during these hours and will work on your project/job during these hours, unless hours are specified at the onset of our working relationship. I am contactable via email…and via telephone by appointment.

No spec work allowed

I will not accept work on spec. Speculative work involves doing actual work with the hopes of impressing you enough that you will provide further opportunities without any guarantee of payment, or that I retain rights over the work if it isn’t paid for.

My time is precious and I do not agree to this kind of work.

Termination of services by client

If, after receiving the first draft of work agreed between us, you are unsatisfied and want to end the project there and then, I will expect to be paid for that first draft at my standard rates, i.e. 40% of the total cost if it is a project and the appropriate hourly rate for the work completed.

If work is refused by a client, it cannot be used in whole or in part and I retain the copyright.

Unforeseen or sudden termination of a project

If I have to terminate a project, due to some mishap, illness or accident that makes it impossible for me to continue a project in progress or finish a smaller job, I will only bill you for what I have done and will make provision for files concerning the project, along with plans to you, the client, so you can make arrangements to hire someone else.