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    • Thank you Heather. It was, and still is, a pleasure to work with you. I have learnt so much from your website and have used some of your recipes! Keep up the good work – this site is going to be invaluable to a lot of people.

  1. I used Cindy as a copywriter for brochure copy and web copy; she is an excellent writer.

    Cindy is very easy to do business with: I knew she would understand straight away what I needed and supply exactly what I needed.

    Cindy is always reliable and delivers on brief and on time.

    Highly recommended!

  2. Cindy Mobey!!!!! Recently I had a few marketing issues where I needed assistance. I posted a message on a forum, and Cindy came to my rescue. Not only did she make some very valuable comments on marketing, but she also came up with suggestions for business that I had not previously considered being possible for me (a technophobe) to implement. So cutting to the chase, so to speak, would I recommend her? In a heart beat. If you need any help with promoting your business, you really should take some time out and give her a call.

  3. Cindy set up my personal and business Facebook page last year and has continued to maintain and update the business page always managing to make it look interesting.
    Thank you Cindy.

  4. Cindy has been writing content for my Brittany and Pays de la Loire blogging site since April 2013. Cindy’s content has always been well-researched, interesting, and well written, and I would thoroughly recommend her for any website content writing role. Thank you Cindy.

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