I can’t wave a magic wand and make your business an overnight success, but I do understand that for a small business owner, every penny counts, and I know the challenges and obstacles you might face.

What I CAN do is assist you in raising your businesses profile. I provide advice and guidance via strategic marketing services to assist small businesses like you develop their individual business and brand. I specialise in web content writing, blog writing, newsletters/emails, social media posts (particularly Facebook and Instagram), simple website builds and maintenance.

Everyone wants their business to succeed, but it takes much more than just wanting it…you need to really make a commitment to good marketing…and then you can get the best from your business.

We can work together to find your target market, determine what your customers want and have a plan to deliver, so your customers buy from you and come back for more. 

Whether you want to update your website, add a blog, send out a regular newsletter, write an ad, pull together some eye-catching Instagram or Facebook posts or just need someone to sit down with you and listen to your vision and help point you in the right direction, call me now!

Free, no obligation consultation!

What have you got to lose?  Give me a call or message me now

“Cindy Mobey!!!!! Recently I had a few marketing issues where I needed assistance. I posted a message on a forum, and Cindy came to my rescue. Not only did she make some very valuable comments on marketing, but she also came up with suggestions for business that I had not previously considered being possible for me (a technophobe) to implement. So cutting to the chase, so to speak, would I recommend her? In a heart beat. If you need any help with promoting your business, you really should take some time out and give her a call.”

Avril Jones

I worked for a big global company for 14 years before becoming a freelance writer and marketing consultant in 2013. I have loved writing ever since I can remember and marketing and communication became my passion once I returned to work when my twin girls were 10 and my son was 8.

I am very passionate about my business, I love working from home and I love giving small businesses the tools to grow their businesses.

My blog, ‘The Write Way’ includes shed loads of information for small businesses, from writing a business plan to hints and tips about how to market your business…the most recently published blog posts are shown to the right of this page.

Check out my Writing Services and Marketing Consultant Services to see what I offer in more detail.

Pick up the phone or send me a message…you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to work with you!

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  1. I have used Cindy twice, she has built and written both my websites, and she manages them for me doing monthly newsletters, posts etc. They are excellent and my customers are very impressed with them. I can throughly recommend Cindy.


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